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i love my new job....

it's just so cute and perfect. I haven't asked about the pay yet, but it seems pretty up there.

As she slowly turns up her writing music....

My adolosence years were truly quite the learning experience. Sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll. To think that I'm almost 20 years of age. It's been a sweet ride. I would like to thank those that have made me realize that I can do it on my own. I would like to thank those that have helped me absorb it all. I would like to thank those that shown me all the colors of emotions, and there is quite a lot. I would love to thank those that are growing up with me and continue to grow along side me. At first I honestly wanted to understand what would make say all you had to say, I guess you never really paid attention to anything that left my mouth. Maybe it's better to play it out the way you see best. For a second I started to care...Whateves I say...I'm done caring. Do what you want, envision me the way you want, but I know I'm still going to keep on living because that is the way I see my life going. I won't see the time I spent with you as a lost though, just me learning.

I must be dumb for letting someone get so close to me and yet still hurt me. Forget the boys. The only satisfaction I will give you is letting you know that you're comment on me not celebrating the holidays did hurt. It hurt because you bring up someone extremely close to me, and I'm sorry if I'm not over his passing yet since it was recent. He was family and he was always there. Do you know what it feels like to be with someone only 3 hours ago and waking up "christmas morning" to get a call telling you that he died. To know that never again you will see him. He was so young and his death I just don't understand. I would never wish that on you or anyone. But of course you being the loyal friend that you are may have completely forgotten about this horrible time, but thank you again Sheena for bringing this up, not once but twice. But I guess it is better that I think of you as being cold-hearted anyway. I guess you probably forgot about everything else I've gone through as well.

So please keep on forgetting and construing your own notions. Have a charming life and let me fade you out like I did with Alex. One thing I can say I learned is that the quality of a friendship does not get better with the span of time spent together.
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