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yay 24 more hours

I'm so excited...I just can't hide it...I'm so excited!!!

I need to do so much stuff tomorrow I should really be sleeping...but I'm so excited. I have the house alone to myself again. Dennis spoiled his own surprise. I want him to come to Olek's like so badly. Maybe...

I met his whole family today, it was so akward. Well, no not really. He says his family loves me...what family doesn't?? He is so sick too...

Whatever, if worse comes to worse I will just hang out with his family, leave after the ball drops, and head to the party. Or pass out on his couch....hmmm.

My dad and his group left me the house once mom wants to head into time square she is sis and james are going to a club...I will figure this out tomorrow I need to sleep now.
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