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A contract to myself for the year 2007 aka resolution

In the following year I want to respect myself more and discover who I am. I refuse to continue these meaningless relationship with men and instead I rather find someone that is worthwhile. I want to stop or at least limit my partying ways so I can focus on my education plus planned future which consist of paying off all of my debit, securing a car, and then my very own apartment. I want to control my excessive spending on knick knacks and instead save the money for my travelling escapades. Basically all I really want for the new year is to be: healthy, happy, educated, beautified ( i had to add in lol), well-cultured, successful, and true to myself and definately not fake to others. I guess this leaves this pretty open as to what I really want in the new year, but it is definately a start to a "better" me.

-Aileen O.
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