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This is the part where me and hector laugh for always being brought up...

Sorry if I don't celebrate the holiday tradition, some people would understand why. While I guess you liking Hector and me going out with him is EXACTLY like you going out with my ex-boyfriend or someone who I gave myself too. Oops, my bad!

Well the new year is rolling in quite fast. Four more days and I still hate the fact that I have to be at work (new year's day) at 10am. I only stay there for two hours which sucks kind of more. So much for trying to get really fucked up on the eve. I'm pretty month school. Finally, I feel like my brain has been rotting, I don't know how some people can just bum it out. I tried really hard and found myself making schedules and reading even more.

I need to figure out how to spend my last day of being unemployed.
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