Aileen (sweetdemon) wrote,


It's my last day of the famous birthday week. I wish my mind wasn't so cluttered with french conjugations and words right now so that way I could reflect on this past week...

I still haven't showered and it's pretty late in the afternoon. I like not having to shower. I wish my body could just clean itself automatically. I think that would be awesome.

My hands feel like sandpaper. I want to buy some handcream. I can't afford it though. And the stupid Collections agency is annoying me to the max. I hate it when they call me up. My phone is on the permanent vibe now. Hopefully my restaurant opens this upcoming weekend, I can't go on another week not working. It's so gay.

School is becoming more eventful. Just the other day my snapple bottle fell off the table and smashed onto the floor. Did I mention it was in a roomful of people I didn't know. I'm going to stick to drinking hot tea. School has also become more time-consuming. I have art projects, and I study and review every day. I must get a B average!!!! I must get into the honors program and get massive amounts of money!! I must take 18 credits next year!!! I like being occupied though, it gives me more things to schedule into my scheduler which is always fun.

Marathon training starts today officially is the last day to ever smoke ever again. EVER! So if you ever see me in the street and you are smoking...don't offer me one unless it is still February 9th.

None of My w-2s have arrived yet...that's a new project I'm must finish before this month ends.
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