Aileen (sweetdemon) wrote,

goddamn i'm so tired!

Yeah, so I can barely get myself out of bed in the mornings and than i get seroquel prescribed to me to take at night.

What does this mean: That now I can't even get myself out of bed until afternoon with barely enough time to get ready for work.

I have a crisis intervention couselor and a therapist who work together now. One that I see and one that sees me. I feel a lot better about this because I feel like I have someone or should I say someones are devoted to making sure I get better and get the hell out of Hunter. Meaning that i graduate get out of Hunter. My French teacher had a hunch something was wrong and came to the rescue. I appreciate his help a lot.

But seriously, why are people prescribed that shit, it's been two weeks and all i do is sleep more and act like a potatoe when I'm walking around. I feel like my soul has been taken over by this medication. I'm all up for medication when it helps in a positive way, but this shit sucks. I'm too sedated to do anything.

But when I can I read (meaning a page before I knock out) and so far there is this really amazing sex book it's called: she comes first.

It's freaking hott and everyone fucking girl and guy should read it and live by it.
the end.

It's been a month and I'm still not done with my essays that were due a month ago and lose a letter grade each day it's late.
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