Aileen (sweetdemon) wrote,

Yay School!

I think I am better intrigued by my classes when my profs are gai.

Thank goodness 3 out of 5 are.

Film class prof is teaching the same thing he taught last semester, this is going to be extremely easy and extremely boring. Vic wouldn't let me pass out in class. What a jerk, the prof wasn't even in the room with us when the film played.

English this year seems like I may actually learn something, alone with French. Urban Studies is a lot of interaction which is something I like to do.

I noticed all the hipsters at school today. I think I may be guilty of the hater club...oh well.

what else?

I went on craigslist and asked for help with miles. Everyone should check it out. There are some images, and the keywords are "Help Miles get Neuter" or just type in Miles.

p.s. i love craigslist and ebay.
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